Wednesday, October 14

BILL - The New Vamp to Lust Over!

Some people may tell you that I am going through a huge Vampire obsession right now... don't worry, part of me is just hoping it's a phase....

First Edward Cullen from Twilight took hold of my heart....and now, Bill Compton from very-adult-TV show, True Blood has got me lusting over him!

America are now on the second season, whereas we, in the UK, are so behind with only the first episode having been aired on Channel 4. The second will be aired on Wednesday 14th, 10pm.

I highly recommend reading the Southern Vampire Mysteries that True Blood is based on, written by Charlaine HarrisStephanie Meyer's Twilight saga was definately great to read...but aimed at a young crowd. The Southern Vampire Mysteries are very much more grown up...and will no doubtedly have you blushing while reading on your commute to work...but they're so hard to put down!