Wednesday, May 25

Interview: DJ GSP - Return to Gravity!

DJ GSP in action last month at Gravity.
Photo by Joel Ryder.

Last month DJ GSP wowed the crowd at Fire in Vauxhall. He is now back again this month to give his new fans another dose of uplifting house music!

I absolutely love your sound. How did you get into House  music?

I started dj-ing when I was still a kid at home. I experimented by mixing various genres of music. House music won me over because it can be very simple to really complicated, something that makes it so unique.

Is there anyone who influences you? Who? Why?

What influences me the most is anyone that goes out clubbing. What I see on the dancefloor is what inspires me for the next track I'll mix. This means that not only new tracks have to be played, but what will make the crowd go crazy. Of course I have some favourite DJs and producers who's sound influences me, but they come second.

Is there anywhere you haven't played yet that you would love to?

Ibiza. It's a dream that hasn't come true yet, but hopefully will!

During the last Bank Holiday you were The Special Guest DJ at Sylvia Rebel's GRAVITY at Fire in Vauxhall. Now you're playing there again. How does that feel?

It was a big step for me. I was so excited but also so nervous. I have received so much support by my friends and the London clubbers that I couldn't have achieved anything without them. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

You're from Greece and DJ there, what is it about the party crowd in London that keeps you wanting to come back?

The party crowd in London can receive and appreciate what I give them and that makes me become better and better. My job is not only to play music on some decks, but inspire people to dance and have a great time.

You can check out all the latest podcasts from DJ GSP at and catch him live at Gravity @ Fire in London on Thursday 26th May AND Thursday 2nd June.

Gravity @ Fire
South Lambeth Road,
Vauxhall, London

Thursday, April 7

Paris, Je t'aime

A couple of weeks ago I went to Paris for the day with a friend. I was SO surprised to learn that it was quicker for me to go to Paris than it is for me to go Birmingham to see my family from London... Looks like I'm going to start going to Paris more often :)

It was my first time in Pa-ree, and I was so excited to see the Eiffel Tower :)

Alan K Clip from Beyond

Here's a snippet of the amazing Alan K at Beyond at Area.


Check out this amazing footage of Alan K's last set at BEYOND, Area Nightclub in Vauxhall, London. One of the best parties on a Sunday morning :)


And if you look closely, you can even spot me and my friends dancing away! :)

Thursday, March 10

Photo Shoot

No night out is complete for me without a couple of "let's take pictures, I feel like a model" photographs... These are thanks to Mr Luke Marshall...

Myself and Lois

Ooh, arty!

I ♥ My Hat...

The WE Party: WE Paparazzi - 26th Feb 2011

Good to know a friend of mine can be extremely trashed on a Saturday night and still take a fabulous picture of me in my fabulous hat where you can't see my face. 10/10.

Alan K's Last Ever DJ Set...

.... I think EVERY ONE needs to be there... That is all.

Sunday 13th March, Beyond Wonderland at Area, Vauxhall


Boy London has become a MUST in my wardrobe.

I NEED these in my life:

Sylvia Rebel presents...Gravity Gone Bad

Last Thursday saw London's best mid-week party Gravity turn bad...

Fire Nightclub was transformed in to a ghetto fabulous wasteland with graffiti and urban decor complete with a team of professional street dancers.

(From left-right) Luke Marshall, Kaz Johnson, Dane Williams Bates and Promoter Sylvia Rebel

I was given the opportunity to style dancer Luke Marshall for the evening...

Don't miss the next performance from these boys coming soon....

Friday, January 28

I ♥ Over-The-Top Make Up!

I ♥ make up and I love going absolutely crazy with it!

I've come across an amazing Theatre/ Experimental/ Drag Make Up artist, Jae Pii Goldie :) Here are some images of his amazing work!

Thursday, January 27

I can't stop listening to... DJ Alan K

♥ Alan K and love ALL his podcasts... but for the past week I've been a little too obsessed with this one..... Enjoy :)

Listen to the rest of his podcasts here.

I ♥ Photo Shoots




Me by Robert Morrison

Friday, January 14

Jaguar Cars

My first job of 2011 was assisting stylist, Sophie Lopez on a commercial for Jaguar Cars. A very nice and easy job to ease my way into 2011... it involved dressing 5 male models in lovely tailored suits on Savile Row.

Watch this space for the commercial.

In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures from behind the scenes...