Thursday, March 10

Photo Shoot

No night out is complete for me without a couple of "let's take pictures, I feel like a model" photographs... These are thanks to Mr Luke Marshall...

Myself and Lois

Ooh, arty!

I ♥ My Hat...

The WE Party: WE Paparazzi - 26th Feb 2011

Good to know a friend of mine can be extremely trashed on a Saturday night and still take a fabulous picture of me in my fabulous hat where you can't see my face. 10/10.

Alan K's Last Ever DJ Set...

.... I think EVERY ONE needs to be there... That is all.

Sunday 13th March, Beyond Wonderland at Area, Vauxhall


Boy London has become a MUST in my wardrobe.

I NEED these in my life:

Sylvia Rebel presents...Gravity Gone Bad

Last Thursday saw London's best mid-week party Gravity turn bad...

Fire Nightclub was transformed in to a ghetto fabulous wasteland with graffiti and urban decor complete with a team of professional street dancers.

(From left-right) Luke Marshall, Kaz Johnson, Dane Williams Bates and Promoter Sylvia Rebel

I was given the opportunity to style dancer Luke Marshall for the evening...

Don't miss the next performance from these boys coming soon....