Tuesday, January 26

I'm listening to... Mt Eden - Sierra Leone

For a while now, I've been listening to Mt Eden - Jesse Cooper, a dubstep producer from New Zealand, and if you haven't been listening to his remixed tracks already, then you definitely should. My favourite is Sierra Leone...enjoy! Click here to listen.

Friday, January 15

Kings of Leon partner with Surface to Air

Rock band Kings of Leon have partnered with French fashion house Surface to Air to create a limited-edition clothing collection S2A x KOL.

The 12-piece collection includes skinny fit jeans, checked shirts and leather jackets - all based on the signature look of the band.

The collection is stocked exclusively at The Shop at Bluebird in London from January 28th!

Monday, January 11

Are You Being Served?

On Wednesday 6th January 2010 I assisted Angela Barnard on a shoot for The Mail on Sunday, styling close friends of Wendy Richards, who died of cancer last year. It was in aid of re-creating Are You Being Served? for a picture to promote a charity sale for the Lady Taverners. Hundreds of outfits and accessories Wendy collected over the years will be on sale - some of which can be seen in the picture below.

The old cast were replaced by Colin Salmon as Captain Peacock, Natalie Cassidy as Miss Brahms, Fern Britton as Mrs Slocombe, Ricky Groves as Mr Humphries, James Alexandrou as Mr Lucas, Derren Litten as Mr Grainger and the original cast member Nicholas Smith returned as Mr Rumbold.

To read the whole article in The Mail on Sunday, click here.

You Are Being Served... Again takes place at Selfridges in Oxford Street on January 19. Visit www.selfridges.com or call 0800 123 400 for further details.